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Hotel Curtains Series


langel curtains for hotels


Curtains are a  thick velvet that hung in generous folds around the mullioned windows and were lined with thick cotton of deepest plum. When they were closed the room was instantly cast into blackness, even on the brightest of days. In winter they stood guard against the biting cold, making even the deepest of winter nights cosy and warm.


Specialized curtains are curtains that are designed for a specific purpose, portieres, to cover the doorway, coronet drape to go over the bed, etc

These types of curtains are used less frequently than the other curtain styles we have learned about, but you will get opportunities to use these, so it is important that you have an understanding of their form and function.

langel curtains series


langel hotel curtains

Plain Curtains

langel hotel curtains series

Hotels Curtains

langel blue shape designs

Blue Shape Designs

curtains in red designs

Curtains in Red Designs


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